HIVE Information


The HIVE Organisation is a tri -Service network available to all members of the of the Service community, serving both married and single, together with their families and dependants as well as civilians employed by the Services. RAF Brize Norton HIVE Information Centre is located within the Community Support Centre.

HIVE Information Centres offer an extensive range of information on the availability of unit and civilian facilities, local schools and further education, housing, healthcare facilities, employment and training opportunities, relocation and local interest.

All HIVE Information Officers are professionally trained to fulfil their roles; Your Information Officer is able to offer support to individuals and can advise referral to those professional agencies best suited to the individual’s circumstances. All HIVE staff are bound to a code of confidentiality.

The HIVE Information Centre at Brize also offers the following:

Solicitor’s appointments – a free consultation of 45 minutes with a representative from Bower and Bailey Solicitors available every other Wednesday (appt only)

Citizens Advice Bureau – a representative from CAB visits the Community Support Centre each Tuesday between 10.00am – 1.00pm and each Thursday located at the Families centre between 9.30am – 12.30pm. Please contact HIVE for details of appointments or alternatively contact direct on 01993 892056.

Child Support Agency – representative from the Child Support Agency visits the Community Support Centre on a monthly basis to offer support and information on new or existing cases (appt only)

Mortgage Clinic – regular mortgage advice is available in the Community Support Centre the on the last Thursday of the month (contact HIVE for details)

Access to Internet – free Internet access is available to personnel wishing to use the facility for welfare purposes.

The Station HIVE is situated in the Community Support Centre

Melanie Bushnell
HIVE Information Officer
RAF Brize Norton

Opening hours: 9am – 3pm, Monday – Friday
Tel: 01993 895349 Mil: Ext 5349


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