Defence Estates (Housing), in partnership with RAF Brize Norton are delivering the following Capital works projects through Regional Prime Contracting. These projects are underway and the Programme Future Brize team is ensuring that their development is coordinated with the Establishment masterplan.

Under the control of Defence Estates (Housing), a plan to demolish 600 homes and rebuild 788 new houses on the same footprint is envisaged. These SFA will be 3 bedroom (plus) houses (no more 2 bedroom accommodation) and will be designed to provide a cycle network leading onto the station improving RAF Brize Norton’s green credentials.

The remaining stock of 581 SFA will be refurbished beyond a lick of paint including installing new insulation to reduce heating bills. Due to a delay with the Defence Estates plans for the new houses, the Programme has had to think innovatively of how we can house the families that will be moving to Brize before the long term SFA is complete in 2016.

Out of the 2500 personnel that are arriving from RAF Lyneham, a resent analysis has shown that c.400 families will require houses. To support this interim solution until Defence Estates (Housing) has completed the SFA rebuilds at RAF Brize Norton, the following houses will be available:

49 Houses at Faringdon

40 Houses at Shrivenham

50 Housesat Eynsham (under construction)

106 Houses at Fairford

c.240 in Total

The remaining families will be provided with SSFA within a ten mile radius of RAF Brize Norton. An incremental increase of this distance will be reviewed once all SSFA within the ten mile radius have been exhausted.

As the housing at RAF Lyneham has now been given Surplus status, families who are entitled to stay at Lyneham now have this option, however, any families left in SFA at Lyneham will be asked to move to ensure all service families are ‘corralled’ into one ‘patch’ as Annington Homes may wish to sell off the remaining stock. Further detail about this status can be found in the Closure Newsletter dated Nov 2010.

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