Programme Future Brize

Programme Future Brize was established in March 2009 and the following workstreams are Programme Managed by Gp Capt Houghton;

People & Organisation



Information & CIS

Logistics & Engineering Support

Operations & APOE



Lyneham Closure

Each of the workstreams has a nominated leader, as do the myriad of projects and sub-projects within each workstream. There are also a team of people who are responsible for the Design Authority of the Station.

Since the formation of Programme Future Brize, the team has been refining the RAF’s future plan for RAF Brize Norton and preparing for the introduction into service of new aircraft such as the Future Strategic Tanker Aircraft (FSTA (KC-30)) and A400M, and seeing the VC10, TriStar and C-130K aircraft go out of service. Final plans for RAF Brize Norton are complete and a concentrated period of construction and redevelopment is underway in preparation for the new aircraft fleets and the arrival of their Support Units from RAF Lyneham.

Some new buildings are required to make the transition as smooth as possible. Tough decisions have had to be made on whether to knock down existing buildings and build new, modern facilities, or refurbish existing facilities on station to an appropriate standard. A decision has been made to focus major funding on four facilities. The Freight Handling Facility and Passenger Handling Facility will improve the flow of personnel and freight through RAF Brize Norton as the number of passengers and amount of freight increases. A new Hanger for the C-130J and a new 47 Air Dispatch (Royal Logistics Corps) building will be completed by early 2013 and in 2012 respectively.

As you would expect, rumours are rife about the scope of Programme Future Brize. To quash these rumours a Rumour Buster has been created. A link below will send you to some of the Rumours we have had so far:

Rumour Buster

If you hear any more rumours please contact our Communications Officer – Mrs Helen Cooksley 95461-6144 or 01993 896144.

What will RAF Brize Norton look like?

A Laydown Plan for the relocation of units within RAF Brize Norton and for units relocating from RAF Lyneham has been developed. The Laydown Plan was finalised in Apr 10 and details can be found in the various Messes at both RAF Brize Norton and RAF Lyneham.

The whole Programme team is dedicated to improving the working and living conditions for all those associated with the current and future RAF Brize Norton and making it a valued part of the local community.

Future Plans

As the centre of excellence for AT and AAR, Brize Norton will be able to handle new and greater numbers of aircraft, all of which will require improved airfield facilities such as parking bays, hangars, an updated and improved Passenger Terminal and Cargo Warehouse to name but a few.

If you have any queries regarding Programme Future Brize then please contact Helen Cooksley, Reporting and Communications Officer for Programme Future Brize: or 01993 896144.

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